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Chair of Marketing and Service Management

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Following the profiling topics of the chair "Smart Service", "Transformative Service" and "Customer Value", the research of the chair focuses on four research areas:

  • (1) Smart Service & Service Innovation,
  • (2) Transformative Service Research & Sustainability,
  • (3) Customer Participation & Co-Creation of Value,
  • (4) Complaint Management & Service Recovery.

Within these research areas, the importance of social influence is also considered. Research at the Chair of Marketing & Service Management is empirical, application-oriented, international, and interdisciplinary.

Smart Service & Service InnovationHide

Within this research field, the Chair of Marketing & Service Management deals with the following topics, among others:

  • Collaborations with startups for the development of smart products and services.
  • Implications of legal regulations in connection with smart products and services
  • Acceptance of innovative technologies in retail

Thematic publications:

  • Souka, M., Bilstein, N., Decker, R. (2024). Give Me Your Data and I’ll Dress You: A Two-Sided Messaging Approach to Address Privacy Concerns Surrounding In-Store Technologies, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 172, 114396.
  • Schleef, M., Bilstein, N.; Schrader, P. T.; Stummer, C. (2023). When Smart Products Become Dumb (Again):
    Voluntary and Legally Required Service Updates and Their Impact on Consumers’ Purchase Intention,
    Journal of Service Management Research, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 52-65.
  • Bilstein, N.; Heimann, K. M.; Schauerte, D. (2022). May I Come in and Drop off your Parcel? An Innovation Resistance Theory Perspective on the Influence of Payment Modalities on Adoption Barriers, in: Bruhn, M.; Hadwich, K. (Hrsg.): Smart Services, Band 3: Kundenperspektive - Mitarbeiterperspektive - Rechtsperspektive. Forum Dienstleistungsmanagement, Springer Gabler: Wiesbaden, pp. 241-265.
  • Schleef, M.; Bilstein, N.; Stummer, C. (2020). Shh! … I Got Help to Become Smart”: Should Incumbent Firms Disclose Their Cooperation with a Startup? in, Proceedings of the Forty-First International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), AIS eLibrary, Paper 2144 (short paper, 9 pages).
Transformative Service Research & SustainabilityHide

Within this research field, the Chair of Marketing & Service Management deals with the following topics, among others:

  • Creation of "transformative value”
  • Possibilities of transformative services with regard to the tension between individualization and the common good
  • Addressing social and societal problems with the help of intelligent services
  • Importance of intelligent products and services for increasing the well-being and quality of life of population groups (e.g. senior citizens)

Thematic publications:

  • Heimann, K. M.; Bilstein, N.; Haurand, M. D. (2023). Smart Transformative Services to Defuse Crises?
    The Meaning of Trust for the Usage of Digital Contact Tracing Apps. Marketing ZFP -
    Journal of Research and Management, Vol. 45, No 1, pp. 48-65.
  • Bilstein, N.; Verlegh, P.W.; Klostermann, J.; Akpinar, E. (2022). Better Together: Involving Consumers in the Ideation, Creation and Dissemination of Transformative Value, Journal of Service Management, Vol. 33, No 4/5, pp. 520-530.
  • Hogreve, J.; Bilstein, N. (2013). Do Seniors Accept Technology-Based Service Innovations? A Qualitative Approach, in: Kandampully, J. (Hrsg.). Service Management in Health & Wellness Services, Dubuque, S. 275-288.
Complaint Management & Service RecoveryHide

Within this research field, the Chair of Marketing & Service Management deals with the following topics, among others:

  • Relationship between customer involvement in (service) recovery and customer post-recovery evaluations as well as compensation expectations.
  • Proactivity as a recovery strategy
  • Importance of uninvolved third parties in offline and online complaints
  • Special features of (service) recovery for intelligent products and services

Thematic publications:

  • Hogreve, J.; Bilstein, N.; Hoerner, L. (2019). Service Recovery on Stage: Effects of Social Media Recovery on Virtually Present Others, Journal of Service Research, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 421-439.
  • Bilstein, N. (2018). The Moderating Effect of Customers? Willingness to Participate in Service Recovery and Its Impacting Factors - An Empirical Analysis, Journal of Service Management Research, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 17-29.
  • Hogreve, J.; Bilstein, N.; Mandl, L. (2017). Unveiling the Recovery Time Zone of Tolerance: When Time Matters in Service Recovery, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 45, No. 6, pp. 866-883.
Customer Participation & Co-Creation of ValueHide

Within this research field, the Chair of Marketing & Service Management deals with the following topics, among others:

  • Impact of customer involvement in (innovative) services.
  • Influence of third parties on customer involvement and co-creation of value
  • Importance of third-party activity in the development and acceptance of innovative business models

Thematic publications:

  • Abboud, L.; As'ad N.; Bilstein, N.; Costers, A.; Henkens, B.; Verleye, K. (2020). From Third Party to Significant Other for Service Encounters: A Systematic Review on Third-Party Roles and their Implications, Journal of Service Management 32(4): 533-559.
  • Benoit, S.; Hogreve, J.; Sichtmann, Ch.; Bilstein, N. (2019). Professionalism Kills the Trading Star: Explaining Customer Participation in Trading Communities. Journal of Service Management Research, Vol. 3. No. 2, pp. 54-65.
  • Benoit, S.; Bilstein, N.; Hogreve, J.; Sichtmann, Ch. (2016). Explaining Social Exchanges in Information-Based Online Communities (IBOCs). Journal of Service Management, Vol. 27, No. 4, pp. 460-480.

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