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Chair in Marketing and Service Management

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Visiting Professors

Dr. Jonathan Baker

Jonathan J. Baker

University of Auckland and

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Prof. Roderick Brodie

Roderick Brodie

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Prof. Bettina Cornwell

Tammy Bettina Cornwell

University of Oregon, USA

Prof. Geoffrey Crouch

Geoffrey Crouch

LaTrobe University, Australia

Prof. Geoff Dickson

Geoff Dickson

LaTrobe University, Australia

Prof. Don Getz

Don Getz

University of Calgary, Canada

Prof. Jürgen Gnoth

Jürgen Gnoth

University of Otago, New Zealand

Dr. Elina Jaakkola

Elina Jaakkola

University of Turku, Finland

Prof. Liu Dongfeng

Dongfeng Liu

Shanghai University, China

Prof. Norm O'Reilly

Norm O'Reilly

University of Guelph, Canada

Dr. Rasku Risto

Risto Rasku

The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Prof. David Bradley Ridpath

Bradley David Ridpath

Ohio University, USA

Prof. Harold Riemer

Harold Riemer

University of Regina, Canada

Prof. Brent Ritchie

J. R. Brent Ritchie

University of Calgary, Canada

Prof. James Santomier

James Santomier

Sacred Heart University, USA

Prof. Lorn Sheehan

Lorn Sheehan

Dalhousie University, Canada

Prof. Marijke Taks

Marijke Taks

University of Ottago, Canada

Prof. Stephen Vargo

Stephen L. Vargo

University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Honolulu, USA

Prof. Hans Westerbeek

Hans Westerbeek

Victoria University, Australia

Prof. Bradley Wilson

Bradley Wilson

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

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