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Chair of Marketing and Service Management

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Welcome to the Chair of Marketing & Service Management!

In September 2022, Prof. Dr. Nicola Bilstein has taken over the Chair of Marketing & Service Management at the University of Bayreuth.
The Chair of Marketing & Service Management represents a benefit-oriented perspective on the management of services, which is geared towards solving customer problems. The creation of customer benefits (i.e., "customer value") forms the core of service management according to the chair's understanding. Due to current developments in networked systems, robotics, and information and communication technology, technological services are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, research on "Smart Service" is a central topic at the chair, which is considered both inter- and transdisciplinary. Furthermore, the chair focuses on "Transformative Service" and investigates how classical services but also Smart Services can contribute to addressing central societal issues of today such as physical and mental health¸ climate change as well as participation.

The topics of Smart Service, Transformative Service, and Customer Value are therefore profile-defining for the Chair of Marketing & Service Management in research, teaching, and third mission.

The Chair of Marketing & Service Management is part of the Research Area Marketing and Services (MuSe).

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